11 July 2017

What You Target is Who You Get

by Laura O'Brien, Account Manager

Reaching Consumers on Their Terms We market research professionals hear it all the time – consider device, design with mobile in mind. It’s important to reach wide, representative audiences, and we need to leverage the proliferation of mobile devices to achieve our sampling goals. However, unless there are resources to run the same study multiple […]

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6 June 2017

UBMobile launches its mobile-first, Gesture-Based Surveys™ platform

Reimagine the mobile-first survey experience

Looking for a truly mobile-first survey platform that also looks great on a desktop? Want to swipe-right or swipe-left on new concepts to give them a “HOT” or “NOT”? Maybe you need a simple thumbs-up or thumbs-down question on a product or brand experience. Perhaps you need to give your Millennial consumers a way to […]

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14 December 2016

Holiday shopping insights from ParentTap™

This holiday season, UBMobile connected with its ParentTap™

This holiday season, UBMobile connected with its ParentTap™ panel to gather insights into their gift-giving budgets and shopping trips.   We discovered parents are planning to spend more money the older their children are – 30% of parents with children 10 years or older said they plan to spend over $300 per child, with the most […]

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